See if you find these questions relatable…..

Do I often wonder about my life purpose or other existential questions?

Am I fit and strong? Do I eat healthy? Do I sleep fine?

Is my work life efficient? Are my relationships sound?

Do I have emotional blockages ?

Am I happy?

Who am I ?

For many , life continues to be a puzzle. Yet, there are few who try to take control through methods that are either traditional, modern or a mix of both.

At Simplelyf , you are introduced to a variety of disciplines , knowledge , practices , perspectives that can help not only to develop a deeper understanding of life but can also inspire you to live a fuller life.


……can be a system, workshop, methodology for self-development. You learn about your body ; your emotions and their origins ; your mind and associated problems; social and mental constructs ; managing your desires and habits ; your place in this world; the universal order and how to align your inner world by understanding the connections involved and finally developing a philosophy, a life system for yourself . You experience freedom by balancing the different aspects of your life, particularly, body mind and soul.

Some day-to-day, real life benefits that you can expect

Body Awareness

Improvement in immunity and appetite; improvement in bad body posture resulting from work or just general lifestyle ; improvement in muscular strength and body firmness ; decrease in bodily tension, bringing lightness and improving your energy levels thus adding to overall physical attractiveness.

Mind Awareness

Improvement in life relationships ; improvement in stress handling and goal management ; improvement in memory and focus ; improvement in confidence and group likeability.

Soul Awareness

Understanding existentialism and esoterism ; experiencing the subtle world and different levels of consciousness ; getting rid of mind (read noise ) and the beginning of higher journey.

Awareness and U is for everyone and it is designed to supplement your life in one way or another.

– Founder




To connect our past with the present, to renew the bond that makes us One.

To shed light on our collective heritage, to remove the obscurity that blinds us of our journey ahead.


The idea of Simplelyf and Awareness & U is the vision of Swapnil Khare , who after finishing his education in engineering, suddenly got interested into the spiritual world , devoting his scholarly mind in understanding the difficult things of life. He started off in Pune , the yoga capital of India , by teaching people about body and mind awareness while conducting yoga and meditation sessions. Although learning is a forever process, it is the emergence of the times that reinforced the need for such a system so that more and more minds could get benefited from it. Consequently, the experience gained with years of study in the field of practical spirituality and the related field of health & wellness has been used to develop Awareness and U.



        Swapnil Khare
Swapnil Khare