IT can be a system or a workshop or a methodology for self-development. You learn about your body ; your emotions and their origins ; your mind and associated problems; social and mental constructs ; managing your desires and habits ; your place in this world; the universal order and how to align your inner world by understanding the connections involved and finally developing a philosophy, a life system for yourself . You experience freedom by balancing the different aspects of your life, particularly, body mind and soul.

Some Day-to-Day, Real Life Benefits include

Body Awareness

Improvement in immunity and appetite; improvement in bad body posture resulting from work or just general lifestyle ; improvement in muscular strength and body firmness ; decrease in bodily tension, bringing lightness and improving your energy levels thus adding to overall physical attractiveness.

Mind Awareness

Improvement in life relationships ; improvement in stress handling and goal management ; improvement in memory and focus ; improvement in confidence and group likeability.

Soul Awareness

Understanding existentialism and esoterism ; experiencing the subtle world and different levels of consciousness ; getting rid of mind (read noise ) and the beginning of higher journey.

Awareness and U is for everyone and it is designed to supplement your life in one way or another.

– Founder