To connect our past with the present, to renew the bond that makes us One.

To shed light on our collective heritage, to remove the obscurity that blinds us of our journey ahead.


The idea of Simplelyf and Awareness & U is the vision of Swapnil Khare , who after finishing his education in engineering, suddenly got interested into the spiritual world , devoting his scholarly mind in understanding the difficult things of life. He started off in Pune , the yoga capital of India , by teaching people about body and mind awareness while conducting yoga and meditation sessions. Although learning is a forever process, it is the emergence of the times that reinforced the need for such a system so that more and more minds could get benefited from it. Consequently, the experience gained with years of study in the field of practical spirituality and the related field of health & wellness has been used to develop Awareness and U.


        Swapnil Khare